Buying a New Smartphone

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a New Smartphone

Gone are the days when cellphones were bulky pieces of equipment only present in the cars of the Uber-rich. Today, most people have cellphones and purchase a new one every few years.

Whether you’re upgrading by choice to find the latest and greatest or have had an unfortunate accident that necessitates a new phone, this guide will help you figure out the right new phone for you.

How to Buy a New Cellphone

In this article, we’ll help you decide what new cell phone is best for your needs.

#1: To Smartphone or Not to Smartphone

First, you need to decide whether or not you want to buy a smartphone. While that may seem obvious (“Uhhh, yes?”), it’s actually a question worth considering. How do you use your phone? Do you need all of the features a smartphone has?

Some people may not need a smartphone or may be confused by its features. Still others may find that they don’t like being connected like they are with a smartphone. Everyone is different! Consider what you need before deciding what to buy.

#2: Display

Assuming that you do decide, buying a smartphone, let’s dig into the features that you should analyze when deciding what phone to buy. First up, display.

Your smartphone’s display matters a lot. After all, it’s what you’ll be staring at for hours every single day. You’ll want to buy a phone that’s bright enough for you to see it in all kinds of light as well as sharp enough to let you read the text without squinting.

These days, you can get smartphones of all shapes and sizes: from small, pocket-sized tools to behemoths that are closer to tablets than phones. Display is largely a matter of personal preference: buy what feels good for you. Consider what you’ll be using the phone for and go from there.

Person holding cellphone
Look for a phone with a clear, easy-to-read display so you don’t strain your eyes.

#3: Battery

While external batteries and portable chargers are fairly easy to come by, you don’t want to spend your time searching for a USB cord to hook up your phone or, worse, getting caught without a charge. Look for a phone with a solid battery life: ideally, 10 hours or more on a full charge.

If you plan on having multiple apps open at the same time, you’ll definitely need a phone with a long-lasting battery. Look up reviews to see how the phone functions in the real world.

#4: Storage

Ideally, you’ll want to purchase a smartphone with at least 64GB of storage to make room for the apps, photos, and videos you’ll acquire in daily use. These days, many apps take up a lot of space on your phone, so you’ll find yourself having to delete or prioritize between them if your phone’s storage isn’t adequate.

Some manufacturers, like Apple and Google, allow access to Cloud storage at an additional cost. If you’re concerned about storage but can’t afford to level up to a pricier option, consider using Cloud storage to back up your data.

#5: Camera

Gone are the days when cell phone photos were grainy and hard to make out. Today, many smartphones have amazing cameras that can take near-studio quality photos. If you’re planning on sharing photos often with friends, family, or co-workers, then getting a phone with a good camera is a must.

Try a phone like the Galaxy S9 or the iPhone X if you’re looking for something really good at taking photos: both of these options are very good at taking pictures in any conditions, including low light.

#6: Age

If you’re having trouble affording a new smartphone, it can be tempting to purchase a refurbished option or an older model phone. For some people, this is a good choice. Unfortunately, for others, buying an older phone just means that they’ll need to upgrade again, soon.

Smartphone technology changes rapidly and older phones are often out of sync with newer technology and operating systems. You don’t want to get stuck without an app you need for work just because you decided to purchase a phone that was a couple hundred bucks cheaper. Make a list of the features and compatibilities you need, then find a phone that fits those.

#7: Company

You’ll want to be a smartphone from a reputable company, like Samsung, Apple, or Google. These companies are vetted and their products are proven to work (and work well). Newer or smaller companies might advertise cheaper phones with flashier options, but their products are likely untested for durability and effectiveness. Similarly, while a cheap phone from a new maker might tout an amazing camera, its operating system might be a total disaster.

As always, avoid buying phones from third parties without any kind of guarantee. Many resellers are actually selling stolen property!

Person holding Samsung phone
It’s important to purchase a phone that has enough storage space to house your apps.

#8: Durability

Unless you have hands like a wide receiver, you’ll likely drop your phone once or twice. (Or, if you’re like us, once or twice a day!) While there are no truly bulletproof phones on the market yet, there are several models that offer improved durability over their counterparts. Look for a phone that feels sturdy and is made out of high quality materials. It might get dinged up when you drop it, but it ideally won’t shatter completely.

#9: Affordability

Finally, you need to consider what’s affordable to you. If you don’t have the cash to pay out of pocket, there are other options for financing a smartphone that can help you get the features you need at a low and affordable price.

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Buying a New Smartphone: Final Thoughts

Buying a new smartphone is a huge new decision! You’ll want buying a smartphone that fits all of your needs and goals. In most cases, it’s better to spend extra money on a phone that works for you, rather than a phone that’ll cause you frustration. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace it more quickly than you’d like.

If you need help deciding what smartphone is right for you, feel free to reach out to our customer care team. Someone is standby 24/7 to help you!